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Split Air Conditioner (AUS-12H53F150L*(a7))

Split Air Conditioner (AUS-12H53F150L*(a7)) description:

Model AUS-12H53F150L*(a7)


Power supply Ph-V-Hz 220~240V/50Hz

Cooling Capacity W 3200

Input W 1300

Rated current A 5.9

EER 2.46

Heating Capacity W 3350

Input W 1250

Rated current A 5.7

COP 2.68

Compressor Type Rotary

Indoor unit Indoor air flow (Hi/Mi/Lo) m3/h 500/450/380

Rated input Power(cooling/heating) W 35

Rated current (cooling/heating) A 0.2

Moisture Removal (L/h) 1.2

Noise level(Hi/Mi/Lo) dB(A) 40/37/34

Unit dimension (W*H*D)mm 800*290*196

Packing (W*H*D)mm 870*365*280

Net weight Kg 10

Gross weight Kg 11.5

Outdoor unit Unit dimension (W*H*D) mm 700x540x255

Packing (W*H*D) mm 800x620x375

Net weight Kg 30

Gross weight Kg 33.5

Refrigerant type R22

Refrigerant charge g 800g

Design pressure MPa 2.7

Refrigerant pipe Liquid side mm 6.35

Gas side mm 12.7

Max. Refrigerant pipe length m 10

Max. Difference in level m 5

Operation temperature range C 16-43

Ambient temperature range C 16-48

Application area m2 14~21

Qty'per 20'& 40'&40 Set 103/220/254
Split Air Conditioner (AUS-12H53F150L*(a7))
Origin:2000 pcs/ week Energy Efficiency Standard:CE Capacity:Cooling/Heating Cooling/Heating:China Certification:minston or OEM Type:Level 2 Export Markets:9000-12000 Btu Trademark:AUS-12H53F150L*(a7)

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